Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just a quick post... will post again later..

hello guys, I just wanted to post quickly to tell you about a contest going on, on another blog I am following.. its a chance to win some books.. these books look really good.. just click this link to go to the blog and you can read all about the contest and also see the books..

Happy Reading to everyone...


Ali said...

Hi Korah, Thanks for posting the link to the contest. I enjoyed reading your blog (so easy to do with a new blog!), and it cracks me up that the one book you didn't choose was the one about when to go to the ER, when your last post is all about multiple trips to the ER! I guess you're an expert in that arena already!

Christian mamma of 2 said...

hey... i never thought of that!! it does seem I have spent my fair share there :o) I guess having a house full of boys doesn't help.. lol

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