Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School.....

I know its been along time since i posted so i thought i would catch everyone up to whats going on... This last month has been so busy. My oldest son, Mario, has decided he wants to try the public highschool here in Vernonia again this year.. He fell really behind at the web academy, but i really don't know if he would have done better staying in the ps last year either.. This year i have met with the counselor and he is on the track of making up some credits to catch up.. he is 2.5 credits behind.. He is playing on the football team again this year, lets pray for a no injury season!! He is doing well and getting lots of play time both on JV and Varsity.. He is a Wide Receiver this year and he is happy about that. I will post some pics as soon as i get some. Today he is off to Willamina to play in the Jamboree there, its like the first game of the season.. he is very excited..

My youngest son, Isaiah, who is only 4yrs will be doing preschool at home this year.. boy is he excited!! He will still attend his special ed class twice a week, but no on really feels he is ready for headstart quite yet and I don't want to push him.. they all seem to be eager to prepare him for the Kindergarten classroom, and i have to keep reminding them that he will be homeschooled so i am not that worried if he will do well in a huge kinder class... This year we will be using the letter of the week curriculum ( ) to help him with his letter sounds and numbers and such... I will also use some of the activities at plus some workbooks i bought.. I have put some abc's up on the wall and also created him a "learning poster" which is where we will put up all the things we are learning about during the week.. if you check out letter of the week it gives all the info about the learning poster...

I will add another picture as we add things to it... it will include things such as:

weekly theme

letter of the week

vocabulary word of the week

shape of the week

number of the week

nursery rhyme of the week

I am excited to get started and see how he does.. he asks me every day if its time to do homeschool... lol We will officially start on Monday... this program only lasts about 26 weeks and I am not sure what we will do after that.. maybe just continue with starfall and some workbooks... not sure..

What are you guys planning for school this year?? What ages do you have this year?? What curriculum are you using??

I look forward to reading everyone's comments....