Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

Its seems like just yesterday i was preparing Thanksgiving dinner! This year is going by so fast... I have been busy this last couple of weeks baking and cooking for myself and others, including my doggies.. :o) and still have to bake a birthday cake for Christmas Day..

I have made, fudge, two different kinds of cookies, some peanut brittle and a chewy peanut chocolate bar thingy that was a huge hit with my teenager... oh, and i baked some pumpkin bread, which is my favorite, i love it with a cup of coffee.. mmm mmm...

My kids have so excited for christmas it is fun to watch them.. my youngest (4yrs) just loved decorating the Christmas tree.. we haven't done many crafts this year, I am not sure why, just didn't get around to it i guess.

I pulled my oldest son back out of public school as he was just not getting work done, am wishing i kept him in the web academy.. we are now waiting to get back in, and I am worried he will fall behind.. when i first registered him, they told me there was a waiting list, but it should not be more then 5 business days, so i went ahead and withdrew him from ps, then the 5 days turned to 2 weeks and then longer.. Now it is Christmas vacation and he was 3 down on the list so he should be in after the vacation, but he has been out of school for about a month now! That is just too long, he will have to work extra hard to make up for some time, but his grades should be better...
We have also aquired two new family members!! We are so excited.. the Pomeraniam is Tikaani and is my oldest's son's early birthday present.. and the Chihuahua (she is a mix) is mine, her name is Bella and i love her very much. we are so excited to have them and they fit perfectly into our family
So, what are your plans for Christmas??? Please share, I look forward to hearing about all your plans and the things you have done.. Also, do you have a special recipe you would like to share that you make for Christmas???

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School.....

I know its been along time since i posted so i thought i would catch everyone up to whats going on... This last month has been so busy. My oldest son, Mario, has decided he wants to try the public highschool here in Vernonia again this year.. He fell really behind at the web academy, but i really don't know if he would have done better staying in the ps last year either.. This year i have met with the counselor and he is on the track of making up some credits to catch up.. he is 2.5 credits behind.. He is playing on the football team again this year, lets pray for a no injury season!! He is doing well and getting lots of play time both on JV and Varsity.. He is a Wide Receiver this year and he is happy about that. I will post some pics as soon as i get some. Today he is off to Willamina to play in the Jamboree there, its like the first game of the season.. he is very excited..

My youngest son, Isaiah, who is only 4yrs will be doing preschool at home this year.. boy is he excited!! He will still attend his special ed class twice a week, but no on really feels he is ready for headstart quite yet and I don't want to push him.. they all seem to be eager to prepare him for the Kindergarten classroom, and i have to keep reminding them that he will be homeschooled so i am not that worried if he will do well in a huge kinder class... This year we will be using the letter of the week curriculum ( ) to help him with his letter sounds and numbers and such... I will also use some of the activities at plus some workbooks i bought.. I have put some abc's up on the wall and also created him a "learning poster" which is where we will put up all the things we are learning about during the week.. if you check out letter of the week it gives all the info about the learning poster...

I will add another picture as we add things to it... it will include things such as:

weekly theme

letter of the week

vocabulary word of the week

shape of the week

number of the week

nursery rhyme of the week

I am excited to get started and see how he does.. he asks me every day if its time to do homeschool... lol We will officially start on Monday... this program only lasts about 26 weeks and I am not sure what we will do after that.. maybe just continue with starfall and some workbooks... not sure..

What are you guys planning for school this year?? What ages do you have this year?? What curriculum are you using??

I look forward to reading everyone's comments....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer school, job, VBS ... oh my...

well, Summer came upon us quickly.. I am not complaining I love summer.. besides Christmas, this is my favorite time of year.. though this year seems to be pretty busy..

Since my oldest son wanted to try public school for his freshman year, he fell incredibly behind.. i guess he was too busy making all those friends and not completing school work.. I finally pulled him out in April I believed and he had only earned... maybe 1 credit.... or at least somewhere close to that... I enrolled him in a web academy.. Now this is still considered public school, but it way more flexible and is all done at home online.. I am able to suppliment with a Bible Study which I like.. and the teacher is great.. he comes over about every other week to check Mario's work and answer any questions.. He was able to move mario ahead on things he already new and give him more time on things he need more time for.. I am really happy with the school... I am totally regretting allowing him to try public school.. it made him lazy.. well, when it comes to school anyways.. I think even after summer school, he will still be behind and will have to start off next year completing his work for the 9th grade instead of starting off in 10th... I guess it doesn't make a difference as long as he is learning, which he is so that is good..

He has also picked up a summer job this year, his first, doing yard work for a couple here in town.. he enjoys it and likes making his own money, but it makes for busy days..especially this week as he is volunteering at our church for VBS all this week, then working for at least 3 hours and then doing school.... but it keeps him busy and I like that.. no time for getting in

My youngest is finally old enough for VBS this year so I took a chance and signed him up.. He doesn't always do well in large groups and easily gets stressed out.. but we tried and he is doing well so far.. I think he really likes the music.. that is something he really loves.
Well, that is the start of my summer.. How is your going?? did it start with a bang??

Friday, May 29, 2009

I thought this video was a great one!! and fun

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is Summer really coming?? :o)

This weekend was so nice.. the sun came out and it actually felt like summer. So I thought -- hey lets load up and head to the beach!! it was great, the boys had a blast. It was nice to see them play together without getting on eachother's nerves.. We played in the water, and of course the sand.. it was everywhere by the time we left :o) then headed for ice cream ... My littlest one was so excited to find all the gumballs in his bubblegum flavored icecream.. it was hard to tell the difference between how much was on his face and how much he actually ate..

I must say, it was a good start to summer.. I am looking forward to many more afternoons like this one.. I miss the sunny days and picnics and hanging out.. Well, very typical for Oregon, it is raining outside today... but should only last for today then the sun should find its way out again.. hopefully it doesn't get lost..
I know most homeschool families are preparing for summer.. Ending the school year and finishing up the last of the school assignments.. well except for those families that school year round.. My oldest has been doing his school through a web academy and it has been great for him.. He has been catching up for the most part .. except we still struggle in the reading and writing part as he hates both... I checked with his teacher yesterday about summer school and it looks like they have a program but is a whole three weeks.. I am hoping he can catch up because he fell so far behind in the public high school.. But I am just most happy about his grades!! He is doing great getting 80s and 90s in everything... I really like the program he is on...
So everyone.. what are you doing to prepare for summer?? Do you break for summer or homeschool year round?? Any big summer plans this year??
Share your ideas and plans!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Are You Feeling?
This storytime lesson plan reassures preschool children that feeling different emotions is normal and healthy, and that they are loved, no matter what.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just a quick post... will post again later..

hello guys, I just wanted to post quickly to tell you about a contest going on, on another blog I am following.. its a chance to win some books.. these books look really good.. just click this link to go to the blog and you can read all about the contest and also see the books..

Happy Reading to everyone...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

my crazy week..

Well it all started on Monday... whew, and on from there it went... You see my oldest son injured his back last October playing football and it took him several weeks to recover.. it was terrible.. well on Monday, he believe it or not was out playing basketball and bent down to pick up his ball and hurt his back..
I felt terrible cause I was at home dozing on the couch (a rare occurrence) and didn't get his text for about 20 mins,... well, I finally heard my phone and got his text asking me to come and pick him up.. his back was hurt and he could barely walk... so I pick him up.. and after stopping briefly at home to pick up my mom and my youngest son we head to ER about a 40 minute drive... ugh...

so I go back with my oldest son to see the dr. and my mom stays in the waiting room with my youngest... who I can hear all the way in the back and am informed by the nurse that he is "quite the acrobat" I am sure my mom is pulling her hair out.. and was shocked to see her in the waiting room all her hair intact when I was done... lol but could see a sigh of relief from the nurses as we left...

They couldn't do much for my son, just prescribed him some pain meds and told him to take it easy for the next week.. no activity or pe or things of that sort..

Then comes Tuesday... now its all my turn..
I was walking outside to take one of my little puppies potty and stepped down my porch steps and down I went.. twisted my ankle, heard a pop, screamed and cried... my ankle immediately started swelling and bruising.. it was awful... My mom had to drag my son out of bed to come help me off the ground as I couldn't stand by myself.. it was so painful......well I finally got myself up and into a chair, then next had to figure out how I was gonna get to the ER cause I couldn't drive and my mom hasn't driven in years.. so luckily my son's friends mom was able to come and get me and take me to the hospital.. Another 40 minute drive ugh...

this time I left my youngest with my oldest... and just brought my mom.. it was a long drive.. but found out that I didn't break my ankle just sprained it and super scraped my other shin.. actually picked bits of skin off the inside of my pants yuck.. it was gross.. so they splinted my ankle gave me some pain meds and sent me on my way...

So, I have spent the rest of the week on my couch and I am so bored... I am only now just able to barely hobble about on my crutches.. I am hoping for a quick recovery.. I miss sleeping in my bed.. (I haven't wanted to dare the stairs to get up to my room) my kitties have become my best friends and have enjoyed me on the couch.. lol

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We went to the Zoo!!

Whew!! we went to the zoo today it was so much fun, I really enjoyed watching my little one get so excited about all the animals.. and excited he was.. I think he led the way the whole time.. I brought a stroller for him to ride in and most of the time just ended up pushing an empty stroller.. but it was really fun even my teen had fun and enjoyed it.

I always love going to the zoo there seems to always be so much to see and do that you can go over and over but it never gets old. And theres always something for everyone. I can go and spend all day there.. but have to say, my most favorite place to visit is the Polar Bears.. specially when they are playing in the water, today they were napping in the sun that didn't want to come out.. My littlest one really enjoyed the giraffes and the penguins.... oh and then there's the cotton candy grandma bought for him.. I think he really really enjoyed that :o)

well, we really had so much fun and I am so glad that we were able to go... well, keep the comments up and please if there is anything you would like to see on my blog, let me know..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

well my first blog...

I recently pulled my son back out of public school and started homeschooling him again.. well kinda homeschooling.. he is doing his high school through a web academy. So far he is doing well. I really like this program because it is very flexible and mostly feel like I have complete control over his schooling.. though it is considered public school..

as for my youngest, he is only 4yrs, we haven't started anything heavy.. we mostly play.. alot of music and make believe.. he has the most wonderful imagination and I am so happy for that. I did just purchase a preschool workbook and we will start that next week. its only supposed to be 30 minutes a day. we will see how that goes. I have been in the process of having him evaluated. It is suspected he has Aspergers/Autism.. I have heard that Aspergers is on the Autism spectrum but I have also heard it is not.. so not sure which it is.. but it is suspected he has one of those.. Another reason I am taking it easy as far as a formal education goes. He is not able to sit for long periods of time and focus on anything for too long.. He also seems to get discouraged pretty easy then just decides he is done... we will see how it goes..

I know he learns things as there are days he just comes up to me an knows all this stuff and its like out of the blue... lol

so, I will try to post regulary and to keep everyone updated. I plan to share my ideas and things I have learned pertaining to homeschooling and special needs and such.. if any of my ideas can help anyone out there thats great..