Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st Grade has Started!!

Well 1st grade started yesterday and well, it didn't go as smooth as i hoped.. lol but it was a good day none the less.. today was much better and didn't take quite as long to finish.. We haven't been able to start his math program yet, cause i need the manipulatives for him to begin.. and am still looking to purch Explode the Code book 1.. But right now we are working on:
Bible Study
Bob Books
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
106 Days of Creation
Mystery of History Vol 1
and we are finishing up his Explode the Code "Go for the Code" he has just a few pages left to finish up and should finish tomorrow..

We were doing some writing in a journal but it seemed to be slightly stressful for him as he really struggles with writig.. so i am thinking of dropping that for now.. do any of you have any ideas to take the stress out of it??  he liked the idea of having a journal, but doesn't want to write in it.. lol.. its hard for him..

Today in Mystery of History, he made Adam and Eve out of his Playdough...
Somehow he managed to make Eve bigger then Adam.. ...  if you look close, you can see a little red mixed in with the green.. thats because God used a piece of Adam to make Eve so Isaiah did the same... :)  he is very proud of hisself..