Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

Its seems like just yesterday i was preparing Thanksgiving dinner! This year is going by so fast... I have been busy this last couple of weeks baking and cooking for myself and others, including my doggies.. :o) and still have to bake a birthday cake for Christmas Day..

I have made, fudge, two different kinds of cookies, some peanut brittle and a chewy peanut chocolate bar thingy that was a huge hit with my teenager... oh, and i baked some pumpkin bread, which is my favorite, i love it with a cup of coffee.. mmm mmm...

My kids have so excited for christmas it is fun to watch them.. my youngest (4yrs) just loved decorating the Christmas tree.. we haven't done many crafts this year, I am not sure why, just didn't get around to it i guess.

I pulled my oldest son back out of public school as he was just not getting work done, am wishing i kept him in the web academy.. we are now waiting to get back in, and I am worried he will fall behind.. when i first registered him, they told me there was a waiting list, but it should not be more then 5 business days, so i went ahead and withdrew him from ps, then the 5 days turned to 2 weeks and then longer.. Now it is Christmas vacation and he was 3 down on the list so he should be in after the vacation, but he has been out of school for about a month now! That is just too long, he will have to work extra hard to make up for some time, but his grades should be better...
We have also aquired two new family members!! We are so excited.. the Pomeraniam is Tikaani and is my oldest's son's early birthday present.. and the Chihuahua (she is a mix) is mine, her name is Bella and i love her very much. we are so excited to have them and they fit perfectly into our family
So, what are your plans for Christmas??? Please share, I look forward to hearing about all your plans and the things you have done.. Also, do you have a special recipe you would like to share that you make for Christmas???