Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is Summer really coming?? :o)

This weekend was so nice.. the sun came out and it actually felt like summer. So I thought -- hey lets load up and head to the beach!! it was great, the boys had a blast. It was nice to see them play together without getting on eachother's nerves.. We played in the water, and of course the sand.. it was everywhere by the time we left :o) then headed for ice cream ... My littlest one was so excited to find all the gumballs in his bubblegum flavored icecream.. it was hard to tell the difference between how much was on his face and how much he actually ate..

I must say, it was a good start to summer.. I am looking forward to many more afternoons like this one.. I miss the sunny days and picnics and hanging out.. Well, very typical for Oregon, it is raining outside today... but should only last for today then the sun should find its way out again.. hopefully it doesn't get lost..
I know most homeschool families are preparing for summer.. Ending the school year and finishing up the last of the school assignments.. well except for those families that school year round.. My oldest has been doing his school through a web academy and it has been great for him.. He has been catching up for the most part .. except we still struggle in the reading and writing part as he hates both... I checked with his teacher yesterday about summer school and it looks like they have a program but is a whole three weeks.. I am hoping he can catch up because he fell so far behind in the public high school.. But I am just most happy about his grades!! He is doing great getting 80s and 90s in everything... I really like the program he is on...
So everyone.. what are you doing to prepare for summer?? Do you break for summer or homeschool year round?? Any big summer plans this year??
Share your ideas and plans!!


Ali said...

Glad you had a good time at the beach! I can feel us winding down for summer already, we don't take an official break but it's a natural time for us to spend more time outside and less time with books.

And speaking of books, you won The G-Free Diet on Worducopia! Shoot me an email (worducopia at gmail dot com) with your street address and I'll get it sent out to you ASAP.

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