Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coconut Cookies | MyDailyMoment

Coconut Cookies | MyDailyMoment

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Great Reading Program

I wanted to tell you about a great online reading program.. its called Reading Kingdom and you can check it out: (just click the picture to visit the website!)

They offer a free trial so go over there and check it out.. its great.  My 6yr old uses it and enjoys it.. it has a placement test so you can make sure your little one starts out at the right level, there is even a program that helps them learn to use a keyboard and mouse.. I liked that part of it, it really helps them learn to maneuver around and use the keyboard well.
My son loves that its like he is playing a game and i like that he gets to work at his own pace.  I also like that i get progress reports and can always look and see  how he is doing and if he needs extra help with anything.  Its very easy to check his progress and see how he is doing and it also tells you if your child needs more help with a level.
 The customer service is also great.  He tried another program, but it was super repetitive and he got really bored with it quickly. Reading Kingdom keeps his attention and he has actually learned a lot from it too. I highly recommend this program....

* i was not paid or given anything for my review.. I just like this program and wanted to share. the above opinions are my opinions and thoughts on the program..