Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer School, Next Fall and First Grade... whew!!

I can't believe Isaiah will be in 1st grade next fall already!!  they just grow too fast...  sorry i haven't been on here to update everyone, just been busy.. we moving in 2 days!!  wahoo!!  right now i am on the 3rd floor and am so happy to transfer down to the 1st floor..  okay okay, back to school now..

So, how many of you are schooling right thru summer?? do you keep the same schedule?? a lighter one??  we are continuing on thru summer.. right now we are finishing up the begining series of Explode the Code workbooks.. he is almost done with the Go for the Code book (book C) and we are also working on a Math workbook, he has been enjoying learning about more then, and less then and making graphs..

He really enjoys Explode the Code and is learning alot... He has really enjoyed his math too.. we haven't used a specific curriculum for math this year, just a workbook i got from The Book Samaritan and he loves it too..

He really had fun making that graph!!  We are almost done with the math workbook and our ETC books, not sure what we will do afterwards, i am thinking of just looking for some workbooks to keep him busy thru the summer..

I have been busy thinking about what we are going to use next fall for 1st grade.. I think I have most of it figured out, but still up in the air about some things.. here is what i have and know so far:

Phonics: Explode the Code
Reading: Bob Books
Math: Miquon
Bible: Exploror Bible Study- Beginnings I

History: I am stuck between Story of the World and Mistery of History
Science: I really want to use God's Design on Life, but its too spendy so I think i will use Christian Kids Explore Earth and Plants.. and i will also get Big book of Science and Play

I want to also do a nature journal and maybe some copywork.. not sure yet, i may add these at a later time..

What are your plans for the upcoming fall?? what grades will you be working on??