Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer school, job, VBS ... oh my...

well, Summer came upon us quickly.. I am not complaining I love summer.. besides Christmas, this is my favorite time of year.. though this year seems to be pretty busy..

Since my oldest son wanted to try public school for his freshman year, he fell incredibly behind.. i guess he was too busy making all those friends and not completing school work.. I finally pulled him out in April I believed and he had only earned... maybe 1 credit.... or at least somewhere close to that... I enrolled him in a web academy.. Now this is still considered public school, but it way more flexible and is all done at home online.. I am able to suppliment with a Bible Study which I like.. and the teacher is great.. he comes over about every other week to check Mario's work and answer any questions.. He was able to move mario ahead on things he already new and give him more time on things he need more time for.. I am really happy with the school... I am totally regretting allowing him to try public school.. it made him lazy.. well, when it comes to school anyways.. I think even after summer school, he will still be behind and will have to start off next year completing his work for the 9th grade instead of starting off in 10th... I guess it doesn't make a difference as long as he is learning, which he is so that is good..

He has also picked up a summer job this year, his first, doing yard work for a couple here in town.. he enjoys it and likes making his own money, but it makes for busy days..especially this week as he is volunteering at our church for VBS all this week, then working for at least 3 hours and then doing school.... but it keeps him busy and I like that.. no time for getting in trouble..lol

My youngest is finally old enough for VBS this year so I took a chance and signed him up.. He doesn't always do well in large groups and easily gets stressed out.. but we tried and he is doing well so far.. I think he really likes the music.. that is something he really loves.
Well, that is the start of my summer.. How is your going?? did it start with a bang??