Sunday, August 7, 2011

Its's Almost Time!!

The school year is almost upon us already!!  I can't believe this summer  has gone by so quickly.. I am sure there are alot of families that have already started their school year.. if so, please share how your year is going so far and what you are using/doing..  I am still struggling to get the last minute things needed to get started.. Money is tight this year so i have bee buying a little at a time.. but am happy with my final choices.. I have made some changes**already**  lol..
I have added, Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and have decided to switch from Miquon Math to Math U See Alpha level.. I think this will work out well for Isaiah..We have also changed our Science chioce to 106 Days of Creation.. I think this is more geared towards his age then the other program we were gonna use.. so i will save that book for next year..  he is excited to get started and we would probably start if i had all the materials.. but I still need the Math U See Curriculum, and one of my Explode the Code books too... and then just some supplimental items...

So, share what you are using?? what grades are  you teaching??  are you having an easy time planning and getting ready for the school year??